“Walk of the Wild Side” with Chris Peterson

The Montana House is pleased to host a Look Listen and Learn presentation by photographer and author Chris Peterson. The event will be at 4:00 Sunday afternoon, November 16 at the Montana House in Apgar Village inside Glacier National Park.

In recognition of the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act, Chris re-traced Bob Marshall’s hike from the Swan Range to the Mission Mountain Wilderness that Marshall did 86 years ago. Peterson’s journey – “A Walk of the Wild Side” was not a carbon copy adventure of Marshall’s – Marshall averaged more than 35 miles a day and did 288 miles in eight days. Peterson’s hike, which covered close to 200 miles in about 20 days, centered on capturing memorable photos of the place that would later become wilderness as well as exploring lands that someday may be part of the wilderness system. The end result of the journey was a book that benefits the Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation.

Besides being an award winning photographer and editor, Peterson’s work has appeared in the New York Times and National Geographic’s Crown of the Continent Map. He is editor of Glacier Park Magazine, available as an iTunes publication.

The presentation at the Montana House will begin at 4 pm with time for questions and a reception to follow. The event is open to the public without charge, but seating is limited, so reservations are needed. Please call 406-888-5393 or email: 1960mthouse@qwestoffice.net for additional information and to reserve your seats.

Hans and Toni Jungster established the Montana House Regional Craft Shop in 1960 in Apgar Village, just inside Glacier National Park. Their daughter, Monica and staff continue to carry on their mission: ‘to celebrate and promote the creativity of Montana and Native American artists and craftsmen for our mutual benefit’. The Montana House has been a long time avid supporter of Glacier National Park. The shop is open all year.

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