Montana House Through the Years

Hans & Toni Jungster established the Montana House Regional Craft Shop in 1960 at Apgar Village, Glacier National Park.

Hans Jungster left Germany in 1936, and served in the U.S. ski troops, 10th Mountain Division, in World War II. Hans met Toni at the University of Washington, in Seattle, and together they came to Montana in 1947 on a botany field trip. Hans became a Park Service Ranger in the early 1950’s and the Jungsters moved to Glacier Park, drawn by its similarity to Switzerland. The Montana House was built in a “Swiss Chalet” style in 1959.

Their daughter, Monica continues to carry on their mission: “To celebrate and promote the creativity of Montana and Native American Artists and craftsmen for our mutual benefit.”

The Montana House has hosted over 500 Montana artists since 1960.