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The Era of Megafires

The Montana House will host another LOOK, LISTEN & LEARN event featuring the engaging one hour film “The Era of Megafires” on Wednesday June 26 2019 at 6:30 pm. The intent is to provide information to the public about megafires and host a discussion to address local wildfire-related questions. Fire history has shown that wildfires have been burning differently in more recent years and that new ways of action and thinking are required by both Wildfire professionals and citizens.

Wildfire always has and will continue to affect the West Glacier and Canyon area. We have experienced the reality that extreme fire danger is the new normal for summers in Glacier National Park, surrounding area of West Glacier, State of Montana and many parts of the West. Unfortunately, we are all aware of the structures have been lost inside the Park in the last several years.

Please join us for a very informative 1 hour film to learn more about the threat of wildfire in our community and how citizens learn to work with this new reality. After the presentation wildfire partners from neighboring agencies will be available for discussion and questions about how families can prepare their homes for wildfire.

The recent Montana Climate Assessment highlighted the likelihood in our area of future summers that are much hotter and drier than the past. “Flash droughts” could lead to even more extreme fire danger in the Flathead County area in the future.

This event is free and open to the public. RSVP to reserve a seat: phone 406 888-5393 or email

Refreshments will be served and conversation will follow after the presentation.

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