Look, Listen and Learn Program Begins

In September the Montana House started the “Look, Listen and Learn” series including slide shows and talks by Douglas H. Chadwick, Dr. Daniel Fagre and Sumio Harada.

Doug Chadwick is a Glacier area wildlife biologist and natural history writer.
He is the author of numerous articles over many years time for National Geographic Magazine. He has also authored 10 books including A Beast
the Color of Winter
, The Fate of the Elephant and True Grizz.

Daniel Fagre, an Ecologist with the U.S. Geological Survey, working out of Glacier National Park Headquarters in the Global Climate Change office, provided an update on what is happening to the glaciers in the Park and discussed his book, Sustaining Rocky Mountain Landscapes: Science, Policy and Management for the
Crown of the Continent Ecosystem,
which he co-edited with Tony Prato.
The book focuses on the Crown of the Continent Region in Montana and the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Alberta. This work brings together information on topics as diverse as archaeology an fire history to current issues such as coal mining in the northern Flathead Basin.

Sumio Harada is a world renown wildlife photographer. Sumio was born in Japan and studied biology at Tokyo University of Agriculture, His research on the behavior of the Japanese serow, a close relative of our mountain goat, led to his wildlife photography career, and prompted his move to the U.S. and the Rocky Mountains, eventually settling in West Glacier, His images have been published in National Geographic, National Wildlife, Ranger Rick, Canadian Wildlife, GEO, Montana Magazine, 2007 Canon Desk Calendar and in numerous international magazines and books..In 2008 he published his own photo book, Mountain Goats of Glacier National Park.

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