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Many Glacier; The Stories Behind the Names

Author Blake Passmore speaks about “Many Glacier; The Stories Behind the Names”. Where are McDermott Lake or Jealous Woman Lake in Many Glacier? What was Angel Wing called before its name was changed? Who was Natakhi Lake named for and how does she fit into the history of Many Glacier? Who named the Garden Wall?

There is a lot of history in Many Glacier that you might not know. Join Author, Blake Passmore, for an evening focused on the story behind more names of Glacier National Park.

This event is free and open to the public, but reservations are required! Please call 406-888-5393 to reserve your seat. Reception and book signing to follow the presentation for Blake’s latest book.

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“What They Called It – The Stories Behind Glacier Names”

The Montana House is pleased to host a Kintla Camp presentation by Blake Passmore, author and photographer of several books about Glacier National Park. His presentation will be at 4:00Pm pm Saturday October 21st in the Kinta Camp event room at Montana House in Apgar Village.

Passmore will speak about Glacier’s place names and the fascinating stories behind locations along the Going-to-the-Sun Road and other peaks and geographic features inside the park. He has published two books: What They Called It and What They Called It, Volume II which include photos of many of Glacier’s places and tell their rich historical origins.

Blake’s text and photography are also in his Climb Glacier National Park climbing guide series and Up On The Roof with fifty panoramic photos of Glacier with peak identification and area information. All of these books, distributed through Montana Outdoor Guidebooks, are available for sale at Montana House.

In keeping with Blake’s interest in Glacier’s history, he holds a Bachelor’s degree in History and also a Master’s of Education. He truly enjoys learning and sharing his knowledge of Glacier and encourages all to explore Glacier, learn the history and “find your adventure!”.

Blake’s presentation will begin at 4:00Pm with time for questions, a book signing, and reception to follow. The event is free and open to the public, but seating is limited, so reservations are needed. Please call 406-888-5393 or email: for additional information and to reserve your seats.

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“The Glacier Park Reader” with David Stanley

DaveStanleyDavid Stanley is a former trail-crew worker in Glacier National Park, where he spent six summers during the 1960s. In those years, he worked at St. Mary, Red Eagle, Gunsight, Many Glacier, West Glacier, and the North Fork. He’s been returning to the park ever since. Before he retired from teaching, he was an English professor at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, where he specialized in American literature and folklore and also chaired the college’s Environmental Studies Program. There he taught many classes on environmental literature and writing, focusing on works pertaining to the natural world, wilderness, the preservation movement, and the national parks. He also initiated the National Park Readers series being published by the University of Utah Press, which includes the newly released Glacier Park Reader, which he edited. David is now retired from teaching and spends his time hiking, camping, and traveling with his wife Nan, as well as continuing with research, writing, and editing. He and Nan live in Salt Lake City.

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Climate Change in the Crown of the Continent

Science, Impacts and Local Solutions

A Presentation by Steve Thompson

The Montana House in Apgar Village, inside Glacier National Park, is hosting a presentation about climate change, projected impacts and local solutions in and around Glacier National Park as part of its “Look, Listen and Learn: series.  This talk is scheduled for Thursday, August 24 at 7 p.m. at the Montana House “Kintla Camp” event room.

Steve Thompson, Chairman of Climate Smart Glacier Country, will talk about the new non-profit partnership, which is focused on creating local solutions to the challenges of a warming climate. He also will share the latest research about climate trends and future projections in Glacier National Park and the Crown of the Continent region.

Climate Smart Glacier Country formed in late 2016 as a partnership between Glacier National Park, the City of Whitefish, local businesses, organizations and individuals. It has a three-part emphasis:

  • Adaptation and resiliency: Understanding climate change projections and preparing for likely impacts to minimize disruption.
  • Mitigation: Reducing emissions and building a clean energy economy.
  • Education: Learning and sharing what a changing climate means for Glacier Country

A former national park ranger and journalist, Thompson has worked for several Montana conservation groups since 1991. In 2001 he opened the Glacier Field Office of National Parks Conservation Association. Today, his consulting firm, Climate Realty LLC, advises homebuyers, communities and real estate professionals about climate change risk and readiness in the housing sector. He also is a wild ice skater, gardener, and elk hunter.

A reception will follow Thompson’s presentation. The event is free and open to the public but reservations are required. Call 406 888-5393 or email to reserve a seat.

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Live Painting Demonstration with Nicholas Oberling

Nicholas Oberling is a charismatic speaker who will demonstrate his technique by painting a Glacier landscape in oil from start to finish while simultaneously answering audience questions! Oberling will give the viewer a highly original and entertaining experience of one artists creative process. His presentation is geared to both the artist and non artist alike. Oberling’s You Tube videotaped painting demonstration at the Hockaday Museum has had over thirty five thousand views to date.

Plein air painting has a long history in Glacier National Park and has been championed by such luminaries as Charlie Russell, John Fery and Ralph Earl DeCamp.

Twenty years ago, inspired by a painting trip to Glacier National Park, he moved to the Flathead Valley and has painted Glacier National Park ever since. Nicholas Oberling’s work is represented in the permanent collection at the Hockaday Museum and has been shown throughout the U.S. Currently Glacier Fine Art Gallery in Hungry Horse is home for his paintings, a studio for classes.  His current project is a massive 9 by 14 foot mural commissioned by Freedom Bank in Columbia Falls.

Nicholas Oberling studied art formally at the Art Students League in New York City. His work has been shown and he was on the Hockaday Museum of Art board of directors in Kalispell for 11 years.

A reception will be before Oberling’s presentation. The event is free and open to the public but reservations are required. Call 406 888-5393 or email to reserve a seat.

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MONTANA’S PIONEER BOTANISTS – Exploring the Mountains and Prairies

A Presentation by Rachel Potter

The Montana House in Apgar Village, inside Glacier National Park, is hosting a botanically themed presentation as part of its ‘Look, Listen and Learn’ series. This talk is scheduled for Saturday, July 8th at 7:00 pm at the Montana House ‘Kintla Camp’ event room. Rachel Potter, former Glacier National Park botanist, recently published and co-edited Montana’s Pioneer Botanists: Exploring the Mountains and Prairies. Rachel’s book is an historical account of early plant hunters in Montana. She will give a power-point presentation about the process of collecting the varied stories included in the book and also illuminate colorful vignettes from the book.

Rachel holds a degree in Botany from the University of Montana and is a founding member of the Montana Native Plant Society. She now plays in Glacier National Park where the plants and landscape have captivated her for four decades. She and her husband, Jack, enjoy spending summers in the Belly River volunteering for Glacier National Park.

Hans and Toni Jungster established The Montana House Regional Craft Shop in 1960 in Apgar Village, just inside Glacier National Park. Their daughter, Monica and staff continue to carry on their mission: to celebrate and promote the creativity of Montana and Native American artists and craftsmen for our mutual benefit. The Montana House has been a long time avid supporter of Glacier National Park.

A reception will follow Rachel’s presentation. The event is free and open to the public but reservations are required. Call 406 888-5393 or email to reserve a seat.

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Mountain Goats – True Life in Glacier – A Sumio Harada Video Presentation

Sumio presentationOn Saturday, May 27th at 11:00 am Montana House will host a presentation by renowned local photographer/videographer Sumio Harada in another “Look, Listen and Learn” program series. Sumio will present extensive video footage of mountain goats of Glacier National Park in the recently completed room (named “Kintla Camp”) on the 2nd floor of Montana House. His videos depict mountain goat behaviors such as nanny and kid interactions, seasonal feeding and mineral licking, mating, travelling and playing on snow banks. Also included is footage of bighorn sheep, pika, ptarmigan, marmot and other wildlife species.

A reception will follow Sumio’s presentation. The event is free and open to the public but reservations are required. Phone 406 888-5393 or e-mail:

Due to popular demand, we have added a second presentation at 1pm! Call now!

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Landscapes for the People

Ren and Helen Davis are authors of the new book, Landscapes for the People: George Alexander Grant, First Chief Photographer of the National Park Service. This book provides a biography of Grant and features more than 170 of the iconic black and white images made during his 25+ year career with the National Park Service. Among these are 17 photographs from Glacier National Park. The Davis’ will present a narrated power point featuring a brief biography of Grant and his work with the park service, followed by a selection of images from the Park Service collection – including several from his many trips to Glacier. At the conclusion of the presentation they will be delighted to answer questions. A book signing and reception will follow.

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Shifting Baselines and Endangered Species Recovery

The MontCristina_Eisenberg_Flyer_June2016ana House is pleased again to present science writer and wildlife ecologist Dr. Cristina Eisenberg and how “Global change is shifting scientific baselines for endangered species recovery”.


Cristina will discuss these shifts, which include global warming, human population growth, economic recessions, and scientific advances, and how we can move forward with endangered species recovery in our rapidly changing world. She will spotlight laws such as the Endangered Species Act and demonstrate how it and other powerful laws can continue to support recovery of species such as lynx, wolverine, polar bears, and wolves, and create healthy ecosystems.”


The presentation at the Montana House will be at 7:00pm with time for questions and a reception to follow. The event is open to the public without charge, but seating is limited, so reservations are needed. Please call 406-888-5393 The 2016 Montana House Speaker Program, Look, Listen and Learn commemorates the National Park Service Centennial.


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Wild Harmony

Join us for a Look Listen and Learn presentation by Sumio Harada and the release of his newest book “Wild Harmony”. Sumio will share his thoughts and observations about changes that happen for Glacier Park’s wildlife over time and see his images depicting the true life of wildlife of Glacier National Park.


Wild Harmony is about the ecosystem and connections of wildlife. Animals’ ability to adapt to their individual environments in order to live. Sumio will speak about the background stories of impressive photography in the book and you will learn about what was happening at the time of the photos. This will be a profoundly memorable presentation of Sumio’s photography.


Three presentation times: 11am, 1pm and 3pm


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A Trip Through Glacier Park

Chris_Peterson_BookIn 1915, author Mary Roberts Rinehart wrote “Through Glacier Park in 1915”. It was  her story of a 300-mile journey through Glacier Park.  For the 100th anniversary of  that trip, Chris Peterson retraced that journey and wrote his third book “A Trip Through Glacier Park” which he will present for our first Look Listen and Learn program of the 2016 summer season.


Chris Peterson has been with the Hungry Horse News for the past 18 years, either as its photographer or editor or both. He lives in Columbia Falls and has hiked almost every trail in the Park and hundreds of miles in the Bob Marshall Wilderness. Reservations required – call (406) 888-5393 or click the button to send us an email. Reception to follow presentation.


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Carnivores, Climate Change – a Process of Survival or Extinction

The Montana House is pleased to again present science writer and wildlife ecologist Dr. Cristina Eisenberg and her update on recent research on climate change in the Arctic. Cristina’s talk will focus on large carnivores, their survival and adaptation to the changes in climate and what their future may hold. “Their well being is a critical factor in sustaining healthy landscapes and it is possible for humans and large carnivores to coexist peacefully and even thrive”.

Cristina just returned from the High Arctic and is working on her next book about Climate Change. Taking the Heat: Wildlife, Food Webs and Extinction in a Warming World.

Her presentation will include recent updates on federal policy on these species and the Endangered Species Act. Cristina’s journey this past year included going before Congress to share her scientific research and knowledge.

Eisenberg holds a doctorate in Forestry and Wildlife from Oregon State University and her long term research on wolves, elk, and aspen in the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem is now entering its tenth year. She is the lead scientist at Earthwatch Institute and a Smithsonian Research Associate. Her previous books include: The Wolf’s Tooth: Trophic Cascades and Biodiversity was published by Island Press in 2010. The Carnivore Way: Conserving and Coexisting with America’s Carnivores that was published in 2014.

She also serves as the nonfiction editor for the Whitefish Review and is on the editorial board of the Ecological Society of America.

The presentation at the Montana House will be at 4 p.m. with time for questions. A reception will follow. The event is open to the public without charge, but seating is limited, so reservations are needed. Please call 406-888-5393 for additional information and to reserve your seat.

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Stock and Whatnot

For four decades Tom has crossed the globe capturing wildlife photographically. Tom will create a ‘retrospective ‘of the 40 years he has been a professional photographer. Thousands of his photos have been published in periodicals familiar to all, from National Geographic, Smithsonian and Ranger Rick to Woman’s World.

For many years Tom has been leading tours to remote parts of the world, such as Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego, Galapagos Islands, Costa Rica, and East Africa. Additionally, Tom also conducts photography seminars and workshops around the country and lectures at numerous institutions.

Come and enjoy an hour viewing hundreds of images and the stories behind them.

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Stories from the Top – Glacier’s Fire Lookouts

Join Glacier Institute Director of Education Justin Barth for a journey though time chronicling the development and transformation of the fire lookout system throughout the United States and Glacier National Park.  Learn about the colorful cast of characters who have staffed Glacier’s lookouts and listen to the stories that they have brought back down to the valley floor.

There is a suggested donation of $5 per person to The Glacier Institute for this event and it is open to the public, as space is limited, reservations are required. To reserve your seats, please phone 406.888.5393 or

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Bald Eagle above Flathead Valley






Saturday – May 30th – 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm

at the Montana House – Apgar Village,

inside Glacier National Park

Free and open to the public / Reception to follow presentations

Reservations required

please call 406.888.5393 or email:

The Montana House is pleased to host another in the series of “Look, Listen & Learn” programs. Sumio Harada is the featured photographer on Saturday, May 30th, 2015. Harada will present his photos at 1:00 pm and again at 3:00 pm. He will share his images of Bald Eagles and describe their natural history and show the varying types of places they nest in the Flathead Valley and Glacier National Park. Sumio will also tell the history of Bald Eagles that once congregated by the hundreds at McDonald Creek back in the 1970’s and 1980’s and why they longer gather there.



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Saving All The Pieces: large Carnivores in the Crown of the Continent and Beyond

What would it be like to live in a a world with no predators roaming our landscapes? Would their elimination bring about a pastoral, peaceful human civilization? Eisenberg argues compellingly for the necessity of top predators in large, undisturbed landscapes and how a continent-long corridor – a “carnivore way” – provides the room they need to roam and the connected landscapes that allow them to disperse.

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The Pantanal of Brazil

“The Pantanal of Brazil” a presentation with Tom J. Ulrich, photographer and author of 7 nature books. The Pantanal is one of our planet’s most spectacular wetland systems, located in the center of South America, south of the Amazon basin and east of the Andes. It is an immense landlocked river delta where annual floodwaters regularly rise and then recede, nurturing an astonishing biologically diverse collection of aquatic plants and a dense array of animal species.

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Glacier’s Iconic Mountain Goats

“Glacier’s Iconic Mountain Goats,” a film and photo presentation, by wildlife photographer, Sumio Harada. A documentary was shown about mountain goats that was filmed in Glacier National Park by a Japanese broadcasting station. Harada served as a guide to the TV crew for 60 days during the months of June, July and November.

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Harlequins: Unique Members of the Duck World

“Harlequins: Unique Members of the Duck World” with Lisa Bate, Wildlife Biologist for Glacier National Park. Bate discussed current findings of the three-year (2011-2013) Harlequin Duck research project in the Park. She shared why Harlequins are unique in the duck world, their currentstatus and what more they hope to learn in the final year of the project.

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Going Loopy in Glacier National Park

“Going Loopy in Glacier National Park” with award winning photographer and editor, Chris Peterson. His photographic presentation was about taking long multi-day hikes in Glacier National Park and adventures along the way. Peterson is the creator of the quarterly Glacier Park Magazine, now available as an iPad app.

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Photographing in the Falkland Islands

with Tom J. Ulrich, world acclaimed nature photographer and author of seven nature books. Ulrich spent 6 weeks in the Falkland Islands, much of the time staying in shacks near the bird colonies, allowing him to photograph many species within arm’s distance.

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Red-Necked Grebes & Hoary Marmots

a presentation by photographer/author from West Glacier, Montana, Tom J. Ulrich. Ulrich is highly acclaimed around the world for his nature photography skill, and showed many images of these interesting creatures living in Glacier National Park.

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Four Seasons of Red Squirrel

with renowned wildlife photographer Sumio Harada, who showed images of red squirrels and also talked about the photo skills that made the unique images. He also shared photos of a black bear sow and two cubs and their den 65 feet above ground.

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Focus on Mountain Lions

a presentation by Sumio Harada, world known wildlife photographer and author of Mountain Goats of Glacier National Park, and DVD The Breaths of Glacier. Sumio will share over 100 mountain lion images he took during an extended stay in the Many Glacier area this past winter.

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If You Hike Far Enough, You’re Bound to See Something

a photo presentation and commentary with Chris Peterson. Peterson is an award-winning photographer with the Hungry Horse News and is the editor of Glacier Park Magazine. He has been photographing Glacier’s flora, fauna and landscapes for the past 13 years. He is also the author of Boy Wonder and the Big Burns.

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Dan Fagre

who is Research Ecologist and the Climate Change Research Coordinator for the Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center, U.S. Geological Survey, and is stationed at Glacier National Park. Dan will discuss the results of his summer field work studies of Glacier Park’s glaciers, avalanches, and alpine vegetation.

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The Wolverine Way

Glacier area wildlife biologist and natural history writer. He is the author of numerous articles over many years time for National Geographic Magazine. He has also authored 10 books including A Beast the Color of Winter, The Fate of the Elephant and True Grizz. Doug will present his new book The Wolverine Way, based on his volunteer participation in Glacier Park’s wolverine project.

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Completing the World’s First International Peace Park

Dave Hadden, Director of Headwaters Montana, a conservation organization that works to protect water, wildlife and wild lands in the Crown of the Continent. Dave’s topic is “Completing the World’s First International Peace Park,” discussing the future and goals of preservation for the North Fork area that borders Glacier National Park.

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Climate Change Impacts and Glacial Recessions

Dan Fagre,  Research Ecologist and the Climate Change Research Coordinator for the Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center, U.S. Geological Survey. He is stationed at Glacier National Park and is a faculty affiliate at the University of Montana, Montana State University and several other universities. He has authored two books, one on national parks and protected areas and the other on mountain ecosystems. His presentation will be a slide show that compares and contrasts climate change impacts and glacial recessions in the mountainous ecosystems of the Himalayans in Nepal to the Northern Rocky Mountains in Glacier National Park

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Confessions of a Citizen Scientist

Chris Peterson – “Confessions of a Citizen Scientist.” Editor of Glacier Park Magazine, Chris presents his photo show and takes a light-hearted look at his own experiences as an amateur biologist in Glacier. Chris has been photographing Glacier’s flora and fauna for the past 11 years. In addition to Glacier Park Magazine and the Hungry Horse News, his photos have appeared in the New York Times, National Geographic’s Crown of the Continent Map and an international ad campaign to promote Montana. He also authored the book, Boy Wonder & the Big Burns.

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Kassandra Hardy – Plans for the Centennial

Kassandra Hardy, Centennial Coordinator, Glacier National Park, discussed various plans, programs and events underway for Glacier Park’s centennial in 2010. Prior to becoming Glacier’s Centennial Coordinator, Kass worked several seasons as a Park Naturalist in both West Glacier and St. Mary. She has worked as an Environmental Planner for the NPS in Washington, DC and spent time in Yosemite National Park as a planner for the Tuolumne River Plan and for the Operational Fire Management Plan.  She has also worked as a Backcountry Ranger in Canyonlands National Park.

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Jack Potter

Jack Potter, Chief of Science, Glacier National Park, discussed science-related projects and activities related to Glacier’s Centennial in 2010. Jack has spent 39 years with the National Park Service – all of them in Glacier. He started in 1970 as a seasonal member of the trail crew. In 2007 he was honored with the Superior Service Award of the National Park Service. See press release for further information.

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Presentation by Michelle Taffoya and Sumio Harada

Michelle, Clean Air and Climate Control Coordinator for the National Parks Conservation Association, Glacier Field Office, gave an update on what’s going on locally relating to climate change. Sumio, renowned wildlife photographer known for his study and photography of Glacier’s mountain goats, added his observations about how climate change effects the mountain goat population in the Park.

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Superorganisms in Einsteinian Space

a talk and slideshow by Douglas H. Chadwick, wildlife biologist and author of seven books on natural history. Doug’s books include True Grizz, Growing Up Grizzly, Beasts the Color of Winter and The Fate of the Elephant, named by the New York Times Book Review as a Best Book of the Year. He has also written more than three hundred articles for magazines including National Geographic, Audubon and Sierra. Doug’s definition of superorganisms is “colonies that act like a single creature through the remarkable communica-ion systems within the group” – like ants and termites. His pre-sentation helps us understand the resources and workings of a forest-canopied ecosystem by focusing on the little creatures and how much they support the life of an ecosystem.

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Climate Change in Glacier

a presentation and slideshow by Michelle Tafoya, Clean Air and Climate Coordinator for the National Parks Conservation Association, Glacier Field Office. Michelle’s B.S. in biology and her studies for a master’s degree in environmental policy, plus interpretive park ranger duties in Glacier National Park for 6 seasons, gave her good back-ground for becoming a crew member of the Northern Divide Grizzly Bear Project in 2004. It also served her well to join The Climate Project, a rigorous training program led by former Vice President Al Gore, to spread the message about climate change.

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Canada Day in Glacier National Park

The Montana House helped celebrate with a slide show presentation by Steve Thompson of the National Parks Conservation Association who coordinated the unique mapping process in the Crown of the Continent region. This resulted in the new Crown of the Continent MapGuide which celebrates the natural and cultural heritage of the transboundary region where the Rocky Mountains intersect with Alberta, British Columbia and Montana.

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Fire and Ice – Ten Years in Glacier

Chris Peterson, Editor of Glacier Park Magazine (formerly titled Glacier Geographic) came back to the Montana House starting in early June and every Monday night the rest of the summer presenting slide shows and talks about his experiences in the Park

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Mountain Goats As Seen by Sumio Harada

Sumio, a world known wildlife photographer was back at the Montana House for his presentation and unique perspective on photographing Glacier’s mountain goats. There was an overwhelming response to the announcement of his presentation, and he was able to provide three separate presentations to accommodate all the guests who came to hear him.

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Flathead Coalition – Waters Worth Protecting

The Montana House hosted featured speaker Dave Hadden, who works for Headwaters Montana, a conservation organization that works to protect water, wildlife and wild lands in the Crown of the Continent. He has a Masters of Science in Wildlife Biology from the University of Montana and is President of the Flathead Coalition. The coalition formed in 1975 in an effort to protect the North Fork Flathead River from a proposed open-pit, mountain top removal coal mine at Cabin Creek – just six miles north of the US / Canada border. Since the time it was decided the Cabin Creek coal mine should not be built, the Coalition has focused on other coal mine and coal bed methane projects located in the Canadian Flathead. His presentation covered these proposed projects which threatened the water, fish and wildlife of the trans-boundary Flathead River, Waterton / Glacier International Peace Park and downstream Flathead Lake.

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Look, Listen and Learn Program Begins

In September the Montana House started the “Look, Listen and Learn” series including slide shows and talks by Douglas H. Chadwick, Dr. Daniel Fagre and Sumio Harada.

Doug Chadwick is a Glacier area wildlife biologist and natural history writer.
He is the author of numerous articles over many years time for National Geographic Magazine. He has also authored 10 books including A Beast
the Color of Winter
, The Fate of the Elephant and True Grizz.

Daniel Fagre, an Ecologist with the U.S. Geological Survey, working out of Glacier National Park Headquarters in the Global Climate Change office, provided an update on what is happening to the glaciers in the Park and discussed his book, Sustaining Rocky Mountain Landscapes: Science, Policy and Management for the
Crown of the Continent Ecosystem,
which he co-edited with Tony Prato.
The book focuses on the Crown of the Continent Region in Montana and the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Alberta. This work brings together information on topics as diverse as archaeology an fire history to current issues such as coal mining in the northern Flathead Basin.

Sumio Harada is a world renown wildlife photographer. Sumio was born in Japan and studied biology at Tokyo University of Agriculture, His research on the behavior of the Japanese serow, a close relative of our mountain goat, led to his wildlife photography career, and prompted his move to the U.S. and the Rocky Mountains, eventually settling in West Glacier, His images have been published in National Geographic, National Wildlife, Ranger Rick, Canadian Wildlife, GEO, Montana Magazine, 2007 Canon Desk Calendar and in numerous international magazines and books..In 2008 he published his own photo book, Mountain Goats of Glacier National Park.

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